MANCAVE! No girls allowed?

A manspace isn’t always about big screens, big speakers and big comfy chairs for big beer guts; but in my case that’s exactly what it’s about.

For me, the one thing it’s definitely not about is getting away from women. I happen to likeNo girls sign is shape of question mark having women around; I even married one that I really liked so she would be around more often.

No, it’s about taking some time away from your responsibilities. Somewhere to get away, far from the madding crowd (unless you invite a mad crowd over), and relax surrounded by your own ‘manvironment’.

It just so happens that most of the women I know would prefer to watch Downton Abbey with a glass of sweet Pinot Gris -upstairs with my wife; rather than watch a Formula 1 motor race at full noise whilst enjoying the dark maltiness of a Guinness –downstairs with me.

Having said this, on more than one occasion my mancave media room has been taken over by girls for a ‘chick flick’ movie or a karaoke night. I of course leave them to it and go for a ride on my motorbike or some other manly activity (I actually catch up on Downton Abbey……shhhh).

So the occasional subletting of Merkin’s Mancave to the fairer sex is well within reason. Especially when in my case I’m taking over at least half of the house with my sprawling manpire.

For Mrs Merkin, being able to put the kids to bed then cook up some popcorn for a movie night, without having to leave the house was the selling point that tipped the scales for her building consent.

Phase One: Media Room (Home Theatre) – COMPLETED

Now that I’ve acknowledged my long-suffering wife, who is still waiting for a new kitchen and bathroom, let’s talk about one of the more important rooms of the house: The dedicated Home Theatre.

This had been a dream of mine for many years and when house hunting a few years ago, finding one with a good-sized windowless room underneath it was the selling point that tipped the scales for me in the first place.

So for the last couple of years I’ve been busy tinkering away at ‘Phase One’ of the mantuary. Building a heavily sound proofed dedicated home cinema with 118 inches of High Definition 1080p video screen and 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround.

Now this was not an easy task and I had more than a few hiccups on the way. One of the difficulties I faced was in finding specific building information and advice from other cave dwellers. It seemed that most of the decent dedicated home cinemas were made by people who just paid experts to come in and do it for them.

Admittedly I may have outsourced the odd tradesman when required by the building code, but otherwise I never resorted to handing in my mancard by ‘getting a man in’. It also seems the majority of home cinema projects that provide any form of useful information involve projects with unlimited budgets. Here’s an interesting write-up of a home theatre costing a mere $6 million!!!

Project Mancave: The Merkin Mantra

Which brings me nicely to the purpose of this site. For those who follow from here, my projects are most definitely restricted by a reasonable budget and I hope to offer some practical independent advice as I’m certainly not trying to sell anything. Hopefully sharing my trials and tribulations will help others who are in the process of, or considering building their own mancaves. Likewise I’ll be needing some advice for the next phases of my mantuary. The first step of course will be convincing Mrs Merkin she needs a new work bench in the garage.

So, for me, yes…..Girls Allowed! Admittedly my own thoughts on having girls in the boyzone may differ from the mainstream. I recently asked my work mates what their thoughts were on admitting ladies to the mancave: the quick response from one was “well I guess it depends if it needs cleaning or not”. -Yes he’s still single.